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  • Suzanne Clisby | Euterpeproject Eu

    Suzanne Clisby Suzanne Clisby (FRSA) is Professor of Education and Social Justice at the University of Lincoln with longstanding experience and expertise in academic research and leadership, teaching and authorship. She has conducted over 15 research projects, totalling circa. £8m and has trained numerous scholars in feminist methodological approaches and qualitative methods. She provides expertise in gender analyses, participatory development, life history narrative methods and creative praxis across a range of academic and NGO contexts, including a University of Iceland/UNESCO international fellowship programme. Professor Suzanne Clisby was the UK PI of the Horizon Europe European MSCA EUTERPE project (2022-24) and continues to work closely with the EUTERPE Consortium as Special Project Advisor, Supervisory Expert Advisor (Coventry) and Employability Mentor (Granada). Professor Clisby was the Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Global Gender and Cultures of Equality (GlobalGRACE) Project (2017-2022), PI and Director of the Horizon 2020 MSCA Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe (GRACE) Project (2015-2019), and, for over a decade, Co-Editor of the Journal of Gender Studies. Her research focuses on gender, education and development. Her publications and edited collections include Gendering Women: identity and mental wellbeing through the lifecourse (with Holdsworth, 2016, Policy Press) in which she provides a materialist feminist analysis of the symbolic, structural and visceral violence of everyday encounters with constructions of gender; The State of Girls Rights in the UK (with Alsop, 2016, New Internationalists Publications); Theorising Cultures of Equality (with Johnson & Turner, 2020, Routledge); Gender, Sexuality and Identities of the Borderlands: Queering the Margins (2020, Routledge); Investigating Cultures of Equality (with Golańska and Różalska, 2022, Routledge); and Performing Cultures of Equality (with Durán-Almarza and Rodríguez-González, 2022, Routledge).

  • Samriddhi Pandey | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Samriddhi Pandey Short bio Samriddhi's research centers on investigating the impact of the transnational turn in autobiographies as a gendered literary genre. Her academic interests span gender studies, literary-historical analysis, posthumanism, and postcolonial/decolonial theory. She completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Literature at Hansraj College, Delhi University, and Shiv Nadar University, India, respectively. During her master's program at Shiv Nadar University, she received the Graduate Teaching and Research Fellowship, teaching courses on Academic Writing and Literary Culture of the Enlightenment and Romanticism. Subsequently, she worked as an Editorial Project Manager at Palgrave Macmillan and Elsevier for two years before commencing her Ph.D. at the Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, in 2023. Research topic The Center Cannot Hold: Transnational Autobiographies as a Gendered Genre Areas of Interest- gender studies, literary-historical analysis, posthumanism, and postcolonial/decolonial theory. Previous Next

  • Gilberta Golinelli | Euterpeproject Eu

    Gilberta Golinelli Gilberta Golinelli is associate Professor at the University of Bologna where she teaches English Literature, Feminist Methodologies and Critical Utopias. Her main research areas include the Shakespearean canon and the Elizabethan Theatre, Women’s and Gender Studies, Women’s Utopias in Early Modern Age. She is the referent of the Phd program EDGES (European Doctorate in Women’s and Gender Studies) and vice coordinator of the Master Gemma (University of Bologna). Among her recent publications Gender Models, Alternative Communities and Women’s Utopianism. Margaret Cavendish, Aphra Behn and Mary Astell (2018); Il testo shakespeariano dialoga con i nuovi storicismi, il materialismo culturale e gli studi di genere (2012); the coediting of the volume Women’s Voices and Genealogies in Literary Studies in English (2019).

  • Olga Fenoll Martínez | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Olga Fenoll Martínez Short bio Olga Fenoll-Martínez holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting (University of Granada) and an MA in English Literature and Linguistics (University of Granada). She has been granted with different scholarships for early researchers provided by the Spanish Government and the University of Granada, and she has also engaged in R&D research projects. In her works, Olga has aimed to display a queer approach through different intra-actions such as contemporary queer poetry, translation studies or located audiovisual cultures from a feminist new-materialist lens. Research Olga’s PhD project aims to tackle located and nomadic transnational womxn’s art and writings as assemblages that are in-the-making by exploring the plastic potentiality of those works through a diffracted approach guided by onto-epistemological new materialist optics and interferenced logics. Previous Next

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