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  • Tamara Cvetković | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Tamara Cvetković Short bio Tamara Cvetković holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Central European University and bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade. Prior to her engagement as a Junior Visiting Researcher within the EUTERPE Project: European Literatures and Gender from a Transnational Perspective and the enrollment in Ph.D. Program in Comparative Gender Studies at CEU in 2023/2024, she spent several years working as a program manager in an NGO based in Serbia that dealt with migration issues, intercultural education, and interdisciplinary approaches to transcultural phenomena. Over this period, her main areas of interest were gender studies, transnational migration, postcolonialism/decolonial theory, Orientalism/Balkanism, feminist and critical pedagogy, use of literature and art in activism. Research topic My research focuses on the literary production of transnational women-identified contemporary authors from the Balkans whose work thematize migration, identity, linguistic and cultural translation, as well as their complex relationships with literary ‘classics.’ Focusing mainly on the authors from the Western Balkans, I plan to analyze border-crossings and travelling though physical and imagined geographies, fictional worlds, literary traditions and genres, and cultural traditions with an aim to map their trajectories through the lens of feminist interpretation as well as to map cultural translations that are framing their works. In addition, my aim is to explore the ways in which they (re)use literary ‘classics’ in revolutionary ways (Standford Friedman, 2019) to create new works, and how these works continue their transnational circulation. Previous Next

  • Frances Negrón-Muntaner | Euterpeproject Eu

    Frances Negrón-Muntaner Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Expert Advisor of the doctoral candidate Séamus O’Kane) holds an M.A. in Visual Anthropology and a Masters in Fine Arts, Temple; Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Rutgers. Frances Negrón-Muntaner is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and scholar. She is the recipient of Ford, Truman, Scripps Howard, Rockefeller, and Pew fellowships as well as a Social Science Research Council and Andy Warhol Foundation grants. She is the author of Boricua Pop: Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of American Culture (winner, 2004 CHOICE Award), and the editor of several books, including Puerto Rican Jam: Rethinking Nationalism and Colonialism; None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era, and Sovereign Acts.Among Negrón-Muntaner's films are AIDS in the Barrio, Brincando el charco: Portrait of a Puerto Rican, and War for Guam. She is currently completing various films, including on Valor y Cambio, her award-winning just economy public art installation of the same name, and writing an intellectual biography on Arthur Schomburg. Negrón-Muntaner is also a founding board member and past chair of NALIP, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, and the founding curator of the Latino Arts and Activist archive at Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript. She has received various recognitions, including the United Nations' Rapid Response Media Mechanism designation as a global expert in the areas of mass media and Latin/o American studies (2008); the Lenfest Award, one of Columbia University's most prestigious recognitions for excellence in teaching and scholarship (2012), an inaugural OZY Educator Award (2017), the Latin American Studies Association’s Frank Bonilla Public Intellectual Award (2019), the Premio Borimix from the Society for Educational Arts in New York (2019), and the Bigs & Littles Impact Award (2020) for her work as a mentor, artist, and scholar. She also served as the director of Columbia’s Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race from 2009-2016.

  • Senior Researchers | Euterpeproject Eu

    Senior Researchers Button Dorota Golańska Dorota Golańska is associate professor (Cultural Studies and Religion) at the Department of Cultural Research, University of Lodz, Poland. She has degrees in Cultural Studies, Literary Studies and International Studies. Her research interests include feminist approaches to political violence and studies of collective memory, especially in relation to traumatic experiences and their representation in culture. She also works on such issues as creative strategies of resistance as well as intersections of memory, art and activism. Read More Button Justyna Stępień Justyna Stępień is an assistant professor in the Department of British Literature and Culture and the co-founder of the Posthumanities Research Centre, University of Lodz (Poland). Her research engages with ways of conceiving ethical and political actions in contemporary art, analysed from the methodological perspective of feminist theories, new materialisms, and critical posthumanism. She belongs to an international research group/collective, The Posthuman Art and Research Group (aka Dori. O), which comprises artists and researchers from Europe and Canada. She is the author of Posthuman and Nonhuman Entanglements in Contemporary Art and the Body (Routledge, 2022), which explores how art can conceptualise the material boundaries of entangled beings. Read More Button Isabel Carrera Suárez Isabel Carrera Suárez is a professor of English at the University of Oviedo. Her research centres on the intersections between postcoloniality and gender. She first taught at the University of Glasgow and has been a visiting scholar at the universities of Calgary, Flinders, Adelaide, Tsinghua, and King’s College London, among others. She has been a keynote speaker at international conferences, such as the biennial meeting of the European Society for the Study of English, ESSE, and that of the Spanish Association for English Studies, AEDEAN. Read More Button Emilia M. Durán-Almarza Emilia M. Durán-Almarza is Associate Professor of English at the University of Oviedo, Spain. She specializes in Caribbean and Afro-diasporic postcolonial writing and performance. In this field, she has authored a monograph Performeras del Dominicanyork: Josefina Báez and Chiqui Vicioso (PUV 2010) and edited several collective volumes, such Diasporic Women’s Writing. (En)Gendering Literature and Performance (Routledge 2014), Debating the Afropolitan (Routledge 2019) and Performing Cultures of Equality (Routledge 2022). Read More Button Carla Rodríguez González Carla Rodríguez González is Senior lecturer in English at the University of Oviedo, Spain, where she teaches in the Erasmus Mundus GEMMA and in the Gender and Diversity Master’s Degrees. Her research focuses on contemporary Scottish literature, as well as on postcolonial, gender, space and cultural studies. Her publications include the monographs Escritoras escocesas en la nueva literatura nacional (U. Illes Balears, 2013), María Estuardo (Madrid, Ediciones del Orto, 2006) and Jackie Kay: biografías de una Escocia transcultural (Oviedo: KRK, 2004). Read More Button Nicoletta Asciuto Nicoletta Asciuto is Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature at the University of York. Her main research interests are in modernism, poetry, and translation. She has published several articles on modernist poetry and poetics, and her monograph Brilliant Modernism: Cultures of Light and Modernist Poetry, 1909-1930, is forthcoming with Johns Hopkins University Press in 2025. In her monograph, Nicoletta uncovers the gendered nature of cultures of light in the early twentieth century, and discusses the work of many modernist women poets and artists, such as Mina Loy, Lola Ridge, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rosa Rosà, Růžena Zátková, Maria Ginanni, Natalia Goncharova, and others. Read More Button Jaya Jacobo Jaya Jacobo is a transfeminine thinker and artist based at Coventry University where she currently does work on trans feminist pedagogies in literature, art and performance. She has worked alongside travesti and transsexual women artists, scholars and community workers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as with trans, queer and nonbinary Filipina/x/o performers from the Philippines and Filipino diaspora abroad. Jacobo was a former Board Member of the Society of Trans Women of the Philippines (STRAP), a former President of the Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle (YCC) of the Philippines, a Founding Co-Editor of Queer Southeast Asia: A Transgressive Journal of Literary Art and Co-Editor of BKL: Bikol/Bakla, Anthology of Bikolnon Gay Trans Queer Writing. Jaya is the author of Arasahas, her debut volume of poetry in Filipino from Savage Mind Publishing House. Read More Button Suzanne Clisby Suzanne Clisby (FRSA) is Professor of Education and Social Justice at the University of Lincoln with longstanding experience and expertise in academic research and leadership, teaching and authorship. She has conducted over 15 research projects, totalling circa. £8m and has trained numerous scholars in feminist methodological approaches and qualitative methods. Read More Button María Adelina Sánchez Espinosa Adelina Sánchez Espinosa is senior Lecturer at the University of Granada and Scientific Coordinator of GEMMA: Erasmus Mundus Master and Consortium in Women's and Gender Studies; PI for the "Reception, modes and gender" Andalusian Research Group and the "Gender Responsible Lecturing Labs: Interfacing cultural and visual cultures Andalusian Research Project of Excellence, UGR PI for H2020 MSCA EUTERPE Project (EUTERPE: European Literatures and Gender in Transnational Perspective") and a Horizon Chanse project: DIGISCREENS Identities and Democratic values on European digital screens: Distribution, reception and representation. Read More Button Beatriz Revelles Benavente Beatriz Revelles-Benavente is Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation and the local coordinator for the GEMMA: Erasmus Mundus Master in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Granada. She is co-editor of one section in the journal Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research. She has also co-edited the collection Teaching Gender: Feminist Responsibility and Politics in Times of Crisis and is the author of Feminist Literature as Everyday Use: A New Materialist Methodology for Critical Thinking. Read More Button Orianna Calderón Sandoval Orianna Calderón-Sandoval is Junior Lecturer in Gender Studies and English Cultures at the University of Granada (UGR). She is also affiliated to the Women’s and Gender Studies Research Institute of UGR. Her research interests are located at the intersections of gender/feminist studies and film/audiovisual/transmedia studies. Read More Button Angela Harris Sánchez Angela Harris Sánchez holds a BA in Art history (Granada University), an MPhil in Art Therapy (Complutense University), the GEMMA double Erasmus Mundus Master and a double International PhD in Women's Studies, Discourses and Gender Practices (UGR) and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (University of Bologna). Read More

  • Objectives | Euterpeproject Eu

    EUTERPE is envisaged as a complex, multilayered project, which has several long-term objectives, connected with very concrete tasks in the intersecting fields of gender studies, literary studies, translation studies and European studies. The objectives of the project are the following: 1. To map the field of transnational literary studies in Europe as an interdisciplinary field, which brings together a range of interconnected disciplines and approaches, with gender perspective as the main integrative component and gender as a key analytical concept. 2. To propose an interdisciplinary and intersectional framework for a theory of transnational literature. 3. To contribute to the furthering of the discussion of European identity in academia and beyond by focusing on questions of non-national identity in contemporary European literary and cultural production. 4. To set the frame for a history of transitional women’s literature in Europe by focusing on women-identified authors in the research of Doctoral Candidates (DCs), in the Dictionary of Transnational Women’s Literature in Europe , and in the Digital Catalogue and Podcast Library , the major results of the project. 5. To produce the open access Dictionary of Transnational Women’s Literature in Europe as a major contribution to several intersecting disciplines: transnational studies, literary studies, gender studies, European studies, translation studies and migration studies. The Dictionary will consist of two parts: the first will be dedicated to theoretical and conceptual issues, and the second will bring together original bio-bibliographical articles dedicated to major women-identified authors in Europe today. 6. To create the Digital Catalogue and Podcast Library to enhance the cross-border circulation of European cultural wealth by establishing and running an inclusive and flexibly available platform about European transnational literary output. Through the Catalogue all bio-bibliographic entries of the second part of the Dictionary will be online accessible and searchable together with extra links and contents, such as the author interviews of the Podcast Library. 7. To offer comprehensive training in interdisciplinary thinking and intersectional, gender conscious research practices to the employed DCs. 8. To train DCs in socially responsible, open science practices. 9. To provide custom-made employability skills training for all DCs through ‘industrial’ internships within cogent but diverse organizations through associate partnerships across European contexts with libraries, publishing houses, museums, art networks. The Associate Partners offer important skills training in the fields of academic publishing, lexicographic writing, podcast recording, archival and curatorial work in order to open career choices for the DCs beyond academia. ​

  • Rita Monticelli | Euterpeproject Eu

    Rita Monticelli Rita Monticelli is a full professor of English at the University of Bologna; she teaches gender studies, feminists and cultural studies, and theories and history of culture in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Her research includes memory and trauma studies, the global novel, utopia and dystopia, travel literature, and memory and trauma studies in contemporary dystopian fiction and visual culture. She also works on issues connected to human rights and intercultural and interreligious dialogues. In these areas, she has published and co-edited volumes and essays. Amongst them are The Politics of the Body in Women’s Literatures (2012) and the recent essay “Transmedia Science Fiction and New Social Imaginaries” in The Edinburgh Companion to the New European Humanities (with other authors). She is a member of international European research networks and PhD programs centred on gender studies and cultures of equality. She is part of the International Council on Diversity and Social Inclusion and projects on the New Humanities. She directs the Centre for Utopian Studies and coordinates the International Erasmus Mundus GEMMA (women's and gender studies) at the University of Bologna. She is the representative of the University of Bologna for the SSH Deans and the board of the Gender&Diversity group of the GUILD (European Research-Intensive Universities), a member of the governing Board of EASSH (European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities). She is currently a City Council of Bologna member and a delegate for human rights and interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

  • Séamus O'Kane | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Séamus O'Kane Short bio Séamus O’Kane is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Granada and his mobility period will take place at the University of Lodz. He holds an MA in Humanities from TU Dublin and he is also a graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture (CLMC). As part of this programme, he completed an internship researching digital literature for children for the Bibliotheek LocHal, Tilburg, and wrote a thesis on transmedia narratives at Aarhus University. His current research continues his interests in digital literature, adaptations and transmedia narratives. He will analyse a range of media to investigate discourses of communications technology, new media and the mediated world, and how these interrelated phenomena impact upon interpersonal relationships, selfhood and agency in transnational women’s literature. Research topic “Transnational literatures in the making: dialogues with film, social media, streaming platforms, performative arts and new literary genres”. Previous Next

  • Ninutsa Nadirashvili | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Ninutsa Nadirashvili Short bio Ninutsa Nadirashvili is a Georgian-American gender studies scholar, editor, and translator. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Boston College and completed a dual master’s program in Gender Studies at the Universities of Utrecht and York. Since 2020, Ninutsa has been actively involved in NGO initiatives based in Georgia, collaborating with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Women’s Fund in Georgia, and the Equality Movement. In 2019, she spent a year working as an English teaching assistant through a program facilitated by Fulbright Austria. In 2022, she completed a Fulbright research fellowship in Tbilisi, focusing on an intersectional analysis of Georgian literature and language textbooks. This year, as a doctoral student joining the Centre for Global Learning at Coventry University in the U.K., Ninutsa will explore how transnational texts have influenced the decolonization of Women’s and Gender Studies programs across Europe. Her research will involve interdisciplinary feminist methods and methodologies, including curricula case studies, textual analysis of syllabi, interviews, and participant observation. Vision Statement I am a first-generation Georgian-American. This background has informed my undergraduate and graduate work in comparative literature and film analysis, which I paired with theories on anti-colonialism, nationalism, social reproduction, and representations of humanness. I intend to maintain this perspective as I begin my PhD studies at the Centre for Global Learning. Research topic (from EUTERPE Grant Agreement): “The role of transnational literatures in the decolonisation of understanding of gender within the European academe” Drawing on interdisciplinary feminist methods and methodologies, including pedagogical and textual content analyses, curricula case studies, participant observation and semi-structured interviews with educators, students and transnational intellectuals in cross-European contexts, this research will investigate the ways in which transnational literatures (including text, novels, poetry, play texts, digital literary media) have influenced processes of pedagogical decolonisation within the teaching of Women’s and Gender Studies. The research asks to what extent transnational intellectuals and literatures that challenge thinking about European gender identities have been deployed to develop, extend, and decolonise theoretical frameworks for rethinking politics of identity within interdisciplinary gender studies. Research interest list Feminist storytelling; contemporary cultural theory; relationalities; anti-colonialism; migration and nationalism; film studies; poetry; queer theory; literary and critical theory. Previous Next

  • Nicoletta Asciuto | Euterpeproject Eu

    Nicoletta Asciuto Nicoletta Asciuto is Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature at the University of York. Her main research interests are in modernism, poetry, and translation. She has published several articles on modernist poetry and poetics, and her monograph Brilliant Modernism: Cultures of Light and Modernist Poetry, 1909-1930, is forthcoming with Johns Hopkins University Press in 2025. In her monograph, Nicoletta uncovers the gendered nature of cultures of light in the early twentieth century, and discusses the work of many modernist women poets and artists, such as Mina Loy, Lola Ridge, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rosa Rosà, Růžena Zátková, Maria Ginanni, Natalia Goncharova, and others. One of her more recent collaborative works was a cluster for Modernism/modernity on the topic of ‘Modernist Periodical Studies and the Transnational Turn’, co-edited with Dr Francesca Bratton (Maynooth University) and Dr Camilla Sutherland (Groningen University). She was also the recipient of British Academy funding for two independent projects, ‘Radio Pioneers and Forgotten Voices, 1924-1939’, with Professor Emilie Morin (University of York), and ‘Cities of Modernism’, with Dr Nan Zhang (Hong Kong University). Nicoletta has also published several literary translations from Italian, Spanish, and Slovenian into English, including, more recently, those for Early Radio: An Anthology of European Texts and Translations, edited by Emilie Morin (Edinburgh University Press, 2023). Nicoletta also acts as Contributing Editor for Translated Literature at the Fortnightly Review. She is currently at work on the first Italian-language translation of Hope Mirrlees’ Paris: A Poem (1920), a neglected masterpiece of modernist poetry. She is an enthusiast polyglot, with knowledge of ten languages. She has given various invited talks nationally and internationally, both on the topic of modernism and on translation. In EUTERPE, Nicoletta is Co-Investigator for York, on the strand ‘Translational genres: crossing borders in gender, form, space, and identity’. She is also a member of EUTERPE’s Supervisory and Editorial Boards.

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