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  • María Adelina Sánchez Espinosa | Euterpeproject Eu

    María Adelina Sánchez Espinosa Adelina Sánchez Espinosa is senior Lecturer at the University of Granada and Scientific Coordinator of GEMMA: Erasmus Mundus Master and Consortium in Women's and Gender Studies; PI for the "Reception, modes and gender" Andalusian Research Group and the "Gender Responsible Lecturing Labs: Interfacing cultural and visual cultures Andalusian Research Project of Excellence, UGR PI for H2020 MSCA EUTERPE Project (EUTERPE: European Literatures and Gender in Transnational Perspective") and a Horizon Chanse project: DIGISCREENS Identities and Democratic values on European digital screens: Distribution, reception and representation. She is Series Editor of the Researching with GEMMA collection (Peter Lang) She was the Vice-President of AOIFE (Association of Institutions for Feminist Research and Education in Europe): Director of International Relations for the UGR, Executive Secretary of the UGR Women's Studies Research Institute and Series Editor for the UGR "FEMINAE" Book collection. Some of her latest publications are: "Feminist Counter-Cinema and Decolonial Countervisuality. Un'ora sola ti vorrei and Pays Barbare (with Calderón Sandoval, Studies in Documentary Film, 2021); Seeking Eccentricity, Special Issue for Sociology and Technoscience Journal and Feminist Research Alliances: Affective Convergences (Peter Lang, 2022).

  • María Auxiliadora Castillo Soto | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back María Auxiliadora Castillo Soto Short bio María Auxiliadora Castillo Soto holds an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies (GEMMA) from the universities of Granada in Spain and Ł ódź in Poland. She also holds a Master’s Degree in World Languages, Literature, and Linguistics from West Virginia University in the United States. Her research has focused on the teaching of English and Spanish as second languages, and literary analyses with an interdisciplinary perspective. In a broader sense, her research interests span feminist literary criticism, migration studies, transnational literature, postcolonial studies, and gender studies. Her teaching experience at the university level has ranged from teaching English and Spanish to Latin American culture and introductory gender studies courses. Research topic For the EUTERPE Project: European Literatures and Gender from a Transnational Perspective, María Auxiliadora’s research analyzes how daily embodiments of transnational self-identified women serve as adaptation and survival strategies in the host countries, and how these same strategies may also represent a sense of autonomy, power, and resistance. The project focuses on the analysis of non-fictional autobiographical works written by transnational subjects who have migrated and resettled in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to identify the different ways in which these embodiments challenge European belonging and identification. Previous Next

  • María Elena Bertos Quesada | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back María Elena Bertos Quesada Short bio Holding a BA in English Studies and MA in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Granada, I recently completed the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Granada and Utrecht University. The MA thesis written for this master entitled “La Malquerida: Encountering Rhizomatic Spectres in the (Re)writing of the Legend of La Llorona” embodies my research interests in gender studies, hauntology and queer time from an interdisciplinary approach. Research topic I am mostly interested in rethinking the spectre as a subversive and liminal space where to negotiate and explore rhizomatic identities as well as to build resistance through affective connections resulting from spectral encounters. For this aim, in this thesis I will adopt a decolonial (Anzaldúa 1987; Schaeffer 2018), posthumanist (Radomska et al. 2020) and corpoaffective (Lykke 2022) theoretical framework combined with a methodology grounded on the notion of 'intra-mat-extuality' as proposed by Beatriz Revelles (2021), following the combinantion of ‘feminist close reading’ (Lukic and Sánchez 2011) and ‘diffractive reading’ (Barad 2007). Previous Next

  • Angela Harris Sánchez | Euterpeproject Eu

    Angela Harris Sánchez Angela Harris Sánchez holds a BA in Art history (Granada University), an MPhil in Art Therapy (Complutense University), the GEMMA double Erasmus Mundus Master and a double International PhD in Women's Studies, Discourses and Gender Practices (UGR) and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (University of Bologna). She has been a National Research Fellow (FPU) and is now UGR-Postdoc and lecturer in the Archaeology Department. Recent publications are "Artherapy, Queer Failure and Horizontal Learning Experience in Students' Postmemory Family Narratives" (co-author). "Beyond Being: Dissident (ificatory) Responses towards a Heritage of Becoming" and "Contesting power in public art spaces. Liminal p(l)aces, diverting methodologies and observant participation in Valor y Cambio".

  • Laura Bak Cely | Euterpeproject Eu

    < Back Laura Bak Cely Short bio Laura Bak is a Gender and Diversity Ph.D. student at the Universidad de Oviedo. She holds a B.A. in Literary Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with a minor in Philosophy, and an M.A in Literature from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Her work has focused on the problems and representations of space in exiled Latin American Jewish women’s autobiographical writing, emphasizing in the search and creation of places that have disappeared in the current geopolitical maps. Her research continues to explore the subject of ‘autocartography’ within life-writings by migrant women through the lens of counter-mapping, spatial justice, and geocriticism. Research topic The subject of imagination and representation of lost places in life-writings has been at the centre of my research trajectory. In this research phase, I plan to study how migrant women in Europe produce life-writings in an exercise of creating alternative representations of the spaces they inhabit and transit. I intend to designate this type of writing as counter-autocartographies as they challenge dominant cartographic representations and weave counter-maps that represent the perspective and understanding of the spaces dwelt by migrant women. Previous Next

  • Emilia M. Durán-Almarza | Euterpeproject Eu

    Emilia M. Durán-Almarza Emilia M. Durán-Almarza is Associate Professor of English at the University of Oviedo, Spain. She specializes in Caribbean and Afro-diasporic postcolonial writing and performance. In this field, she has authored a monograph Performeras del Dominicanyork: Josefina Báez and Chiqui Vicioso (PUV 2010) and edited several collective volumes, such Diasporic Women’s Writing. (En)Gendering Literature and Performance (Routledge 2014), Debating the Afropolitan (Routledge 2019) and Performing Cultures of Equality (Routledge 2022). She regularly publishes her research at international peer reviewed journals. In EUTERPE, she serves as leader of WP6, “The role of transnational literatures in the decolonization of understandings of gender within the European academe”, where she supervises Uthara Geetha’s PhD project. Her research focus includes excavating the presence of Anglophone African and Caribbean women writers in Europe. RESEARCH PROFILES Google Scholar: ORCID: Research Portal Uniovi: Research group Intersections:

  • Nicoletta Asciuto | Euterpeproject Eu

    Nicoletta Asciuto Nicoletta Asciuto is Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature at the University of York. Her main research interests are in modernism, poetry, and translation. She has published several articles on modernist poetry and poetics, and her monograph Brilliant Modernism: Cultures of Light and Modernist Poetry, 1909-1930, is forthcoming with Johns Hopkins University Press in 2025. In her monograph, Nicoletta uncovers the gendered nature of cultures of light in the early twentieth century, and discusses the work of many modernist women poets and artists, such as Mina Loy, Lola Ridge, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rosa Rosà, Růžena Zátková, Maria Ginanni, Natalia Goncharova, and others. One of her more recent collaborative works was a cluster for Modernism/modernity on the topic of ‘Modernist Periodical Studies and the Transnational Turn’, co-edited with Dr Francesca Bratton (Maynooth University) and Dr Camilla Sutherland (Groningen University). She was also the recipient of British Academy funding for two independent projects, ‘Radio Pioneers and Forgotten Voices, 1924-1939’, with Professor Emilie Morin (University of York), and ‘Cities of Modernism’, with Dr Nan Zhang (Hong Kong University). Nicoletta has also published several literary translations from Italian, Spanish, and Slovenian into English, including, more recently, those for Early Radio: An Anthology of European Texts and Translations, edited by Emilie Morin (Edinburgh University Press, 2023). Nicoletta also acts as Contributing Editor for Translated Literature at the Fortnightly Review. She is currently at work on the first Italian-language translation of Hope Mirrlees’ Paris: A Poem (1920), a neglected masterpiece of modernist poetry. She is an enthusiast polyglot, with knowledge of ten languages. She has given various invited talks nationally and internationally, both on the topic of modernism and on translation. In EUTERPE, Nicoletta is Co-Investigator for York, on the strand ‘Translational genres: crossing borders in gender, form, space, and identity’. She is also a member of EUTERPE’s Supervisory and Editorial Boards.

  • Carla Rodríguez González | Euterpeproject Eu

    Carla Rodríguez González Carla Rodríguez González is Senior lecturer in English at the University of Oviedo, Spain, where she teaches in the Erasmus Mundus GEMMA and in the Gender and Diversity Master’s Degrees. Her research focuses on contemporary Scottish literature, as well as on postcolonial, gender, space and cultural studies. Her publications include the monographs Escritoras escocesas en la nueva literatura nacional (U. Illes Balears, 2013), María Estuardo (Madrid, Ediciones del Orto, 2006) and Jackie Kay: biografías de una Escocia transcultural (Oviedo: KRK, 2004). She has also co-edited the books Performing Cultures of Equality (Routledge, 2022), Debating the Afropolitan (Routledge, 2019), Nación, diversidad y género. Perspectivas críticas (Anthropos, 2010), Culture & Power: The Plots of History in Performance (Cambridge Scholars, 2008) and Historia y representación en la cultura global (KRK, 2008). She has also guest edited special issues for the journals European Journal of English Studies, Papers on Language and Literature and Complutense Journal of English Studies. She has translated into Spanish short stories by Jackie Kay and Suhayl Saadi, published in 2 annotated volumes with an introduction: Las últimas fumadoras/Grace y Rose (2008), Las reinas de Govan/Oscuridad (2022). She is co-PI (with Isabel Carrera Suárez) of the research project “World-travelling: Narratives of Solidarity and Coalition in Contemporary Writing and Performance” (2022-2025), funded by the Spanish National R&D Programme. She was the coordinator of the Gender and Diversity Master’s Degree at the University of Oviedo, Spain (2019-2023).

  • Beatriz Revelles Benavente | Euterpeproject Eu

    Beatriz Revelles Benavente Beatriz Revelles-Benavente is Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation and the local coordinator for the GEMMA: Erasmus Mundus Master in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Granada. She is co-editor of one section in the journal Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research. She has also co-edited the collection Teaching Gender: Feminist Responsibility and Politics in Times of Crisis and is the author of Feminist Literature as Everyday Use: A New Materialist Methodology for Critical Thinking. Before, she was granted a postdoctoral fellowship "Juan de la Cierva" at the University of Barcelona (UB) at the department of Cultural Pedagogies. She was also part of the board committee of the European Association Atgender: The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation.

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